This tool allows you to feed it an EDL with CDL values (ideally from Resolve) and download a zip file of ASC-CDL formatted .CDL files based on ClipName.

While the CDLs from EDLs Tool will work with any EDL (and by any EDL I mean the ones I’ve tested with), there are a couple of formatting notes to help you get the most of out it.

By default, Resolve will export EDLs like this:


CDLs from EDLs uses the “ClipName” field from the EDL to name the .CDL files. By default, Resolve populates the field with the timeline name. In the example above the timeline is ‘001’ which would cause all the CDLs to be named “001_timestamp”.cdl.

A quick and simple fix to that is ff you go into the Project Settings into Resolve and make the following selections as arrowed here:


Resolve will export an EDL with the appropriate ClipName information in the appropriate field. Like this:


This now allows CDLs from EDLs to name the CDLs based on ClipName instead of timeline.